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Making Connections

As the year continues to seemingly zip by, it’s nearly March! In fact, it’ll be here tomorrow. Today is a day that only exists every four years. In the intervening years we pretend our calendar makes sense, but that’s another story for another blog.

Speaking of calendars though, the Society for California Archaeology Annual Meeting is coming up fast! At the end of March, Archaeologists (and other friendly people interested in the field) from up and down the state will be gathering in San Diego to share research, ideas, plans, and reconnect with each other. Panels and presentations abound during the day, and by night we get our social networking on– the real life kind (but I’m sure some of us will tweet or status about it).

Last year, the SCA Annual Meeting took place in our neck of the woods, in Rohnert Park and our office was in charge of local arrangements, which means we had a lot to do in order for the meeting to run smoothly. We had to coordinate with the hotel conference venue, plan the silent auction, run the silent auction/party, and coordinate the volunteers among many other little things you don’t think about until you’ve got to put something like this together! As a matter of fact, I was the Volunteer Coordinator. Let me tell you, coordinating volunteers of any kind is much akin to herding cats. No offense to any of my volunteers, but juggling the schedules of 25 people for a conference a few months down the line through spotty emails is quite the challenge.

This year, I am again volunteering, but this time as one of the cats being herded. We’ll see how this year’s coordinator manages things! I do wish her luck, and I’ll do my part to help ensure the meeting runs smoothly. Without the volunteers, the meeting would have a very difficult time!


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